Ruaha National Park

Ruaha national park is well known for its varied dramatic scenery, which includes rolling hills; large open plains; groves of

Mikumi National Park

On west side of the bustling town of Morogoro lies Mikumi National Park. This is a small reserve with some

Selous Game Reserve

Selous Game Reserve is Africa’s largest game reserve and one of our favorite wildlife viewing areas.  It really is a

Lake Manyara National Park

Stretching for 50km along the base of the rusty-gold 600-metre high Rift Valley escarpment lies Lake Manyara. Lake Manyara is

Arusha National Park

Arusha national park is the closet park from Arusha town. Arusha National Park is a multi-faceted jewel, often overlooked by

Tarangire National Park

Tarangire is one of the most seasonal parks in northern Tanzania with a lot of migratory movement within the greater

Ngorongoro Conservation Area

Ngorongoro Conservation Area is one of Africa’s most important wildlife areas and a bold experiment in multiple land use located

Serengeti National Park

The Serengeti is one of the most famous parks of Africa, vast and beautiful, it’s one of the most captivating