Selous Game Reserve

Selous Game Reserve is Africa’s largest game reserve and one of our favorite wildlife viewing areas.  It really is a hidden gem. The rivers and lakes of the Selous are the lifeblood of a park that hosts some fabulous game, including elephant, wild dog, buffalo, hippo, crocodile and fantastic prides of lion.

The reality is that this park is so vast it is impossible to count its game, Selous is untouched African wilderness and yet still easily accessible. Not only has a wonderful place for the seasoned safari enthusiast, the Selous also offered an amazing introduction to unspoilt Africa.

The game viewing is superb especially in the peak season months, the wilderness on display is some of the most untouched in Africa, and the sheer variety of activities available makes for an excellent safari experience. Home to some of Africa’s best walking, boat safaris and fly camping trips, the Selous has the greatest diversity of safari activities of all the Tanzanian safari parks.  The boating safaris in particular really set this reserve apart from other Tanzanian parks.  The fact that the Selous is so much quieter the majority of the rest of the country just adds to its attraction.


Selous national park is located in the southern part of Tanzania. The approximate of 250 km from the Dar es Salaam city centre with 6-8 hours’ drive.

Selous covers the total area of 54,600 km sq.

When to go

Selous is a classic dry season park, with the game getting progressively better the later in the season you travel.

July to October is the best time of year for the greatest overall concentrations of game.


  • Game drives
  • Finest boating safaris
  • Walking safaris

Birds watching and general wildlife

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